Spring Workout: May 4th : Week One

Parents and Players,

It’s time to get fit for the upcoming Fall Season.  Coach Derr, our strength and conditioning coach, has mapped out a six week program.  Don’t forget it important that the boys are working on their individual ball skills (footwork, trapping, etc).  Please take note of the introduction to the fitness program by Coach Derr.

“Having an actual field is great, but not necessary if the players measure things off or at least “eyeball it.”  They can also do the work on some stuff by just running for the time intervals.  Not knowing what condition they are presently in, I would encourage them to push themselves, but also to be sure to pay attention to their bodies.  They may be sleeping more than normal, sitting more than normal or off of their feet more than normal and if they jump right back into things it could cause some aches & pains or some muscle soreness/strains/pulls.  Bottom line, they can alter things as they wish if they need to their level, but they absolutely must be smart” .   Please continue to practice social distancing .  Use the link to download week one fitness program.  

May 4th: Etown Boys Soccer Week 1