Bucknell Team Camp and Quad Camp Updates

Parents and Players,

I thought you may appreciate an update on the status of both the Quad Camp in late June and Bucknell Team camp in early July.  We are awaiting instructions from PIAA before cancelling any of these training opportunities.

Quad camp that is held at Hempfield High School as a joint training initiative among 4 schools for both Senior and Junior High program – coached by college coaches under the direction of Head Coach Sostack.  We have delayed signing up for this camp until we get a final direction from the school districts.

Bucknell Team Camp:  Parents that have submitted the required paper registration and $100 check deposit for this senior high training camp are instructed to await final PIAA approval.  Coach Sostack has your registration and checks at this time.  We continue to have active conversations with the Bucknell coaching staff who have not cancelled their camp.  They are examining alternative dates in August – Coach Sostack will communicate any date changes to reconfirm your interest and your approval to submit the registration.

Individual training is highly recommended.  Do individualized ball work especially dutch footwork to master one v. one skills.  Start running – fitness is important.  AND start watching soccer as it comes back on TV…learn the formations and the movement of players.  

Contact Coach Sostack with questions:  james_sostack@etownschools.org