Reminder: Strict training protocols-temperatures are to be taken at home!


As we witness a national surge in COVID we wish to remind everyone participating in open gyms that they must follow the protocols established by the school district.    Athletes are not required to wear face coverings while actively engaged in practice or competition but we ask they have a mask with them.  Athletes are required to wear a face covering if they are on the sidelines and cannot be more than 6 feet apart.  During off season workouts we need to make sure that athletes are more than 6 feet apart when they are arriving, leaving, taking a drink break, etc  to avoid athletes taking masks on and off, multiple times during a workout.  When athletes arrive and put their bags down make sure the bags are more than 6 feet apart, that way athletes will be less likely to congregate during arrival, breaks, etc.

Pre workout  paperwork for each session MUST have confirmation that the family has completed the required temperature check – this is not optional.  

We put the safety of the boys and our coaching staff first and foremost.  We encourage families to continue to follow the CDC guidelines.