Player Protocol updates and reminders


The following are the protocols that must be strictly followed for all trainings.  You must have a mask with you at training.

(1) Sign workout form with temperature taken for every session

(2) Players MUST WEAR MASKS ENTERING AND LEAVING the training facility and when submitting the workout form to the coach.

(3) Players MUST WEAR MASKS when they are not directly training on the field and MUST maintain 6ft social distance in the bench area.

(4) Players are reminded to bring a LARGE water container for hydration during training with their name clearly printed on it.

(5) Highly Recommended:  boys are reminded to take a shower immediately after EVERY training session and change clothing.  Players should be hand washing immediately after exiting the training facility upon entering their transportation.

Let’s keep everyone safe and demonstrate that we can follow district/state/national guidelines TOGETHER so that we can have a Fall Season.  We can do this!!!!