Tactical Homework due Monday, 8/24.


As promised by the Varsity coaching staff it is important that you spend individual time understanding the various tactical formations that we may adopt this season. Here is the 4-3-3 formation videos. Ask yourself what two positions will I master this season and what are the movements and expectations of those positions. Coaches will be asking you these questions throughout the week. Don’t forget to watch soccer when you can – Champions League Final today! Spend the 30 minutes watching the following videos. Pause the video when you are unsure of the movement or explanation. These coaches have strong accents so listen carefully.

4-3-3. Good presentation for basic position responsibilities: https://youtu.be/nakj8zlSaDM

4-3-3. Shows a few position movements and moving the ball as a team. And pressuring. https://youtu.be/CwwfTQy3H_w

4-3-3. Part 2 of the position movement and how to move the ball as a team. “W-W” movement https://youtu.be/BbH4ANP8JSM