Live Stream Parent Volunteer Needed


The school district will be providing live stream for one contest per day – details TBD. Meanwhile, the Athletic Director has approved Fall sports teams to request a parent volunteer that is willing to set up live stream for home games. The following conditions apply per the AD:

If your parent group want to create a Facebook page for your team’s parents and live stream the contests from their cell phone or iPad that the district cannot cover we will support that with the following stipulations:

1. The Facebook page must have the word “parents” in the title.  That way it is separate from the school district.

2. AD needs the name of the one person coming to each game to run the camera.  Only one parent is permitted.

3. This can only happen at home events. 

4. The cost is entirely covered by the parent or parents.  We do not have wi-fi available on the grass fields so cellular data will likely have to be used.

Senior High Parents: Please contact Coach Sostack at if you are interested in organizing the “Senior High Parent” Live Stream.

Junior High Parents; Please contact Coach Hershey at if you are interested in organizing the “Junior High Parent ” Live Stream.