JH regulations update

This year the JH program is implementing several rule changes.

The first change is designed to include as many Elizabethtown students in after school sports as possible. The team rule for missing a practice before a game has been changed to the following. Any players that miss a practice, will not start the following game. (They can be substituted in with the first shift change.). Club players must give coaches their club team schedule, so we can plan tactical training with a full squad. We will work with club players to maximize participation in club and school sports. And, school games always take priority over club practice.

The second announcement is that parents may transport their son to away games. Only, your son and you must leave school property after drop off. The athletic department has been clear that no parents are allowed at any games or sitting in cars at other schools. You may return to the field to pick up your son if you sign the coaches transportation form. You may pick up other kids only if you and the parent of that child get permission from the athletic director 24 hours in advance.

Contact Coach Hershey if you have any questions. Thanks.