Game procedure for spectators: Please read carefully!

Spectators will be permitted at games/scrimmages.   Spectators at all events must wear masks and maintain appropriate physical distance.   Each player is permitted to have 2 parents/guardians at each home game.  If you are playing on a grass field, no tickets will be required, but please understand that each player should only have 2 parents/guardians at their home games.  There will be no bleachers on grass fields, parents can bring chairs, stand, or sit in the grass.  Circles have been painted in the grass as a guide for the required physical distance.  One household is permitted inside each circle. When playing inside Jane Hoover players will receive tickets from the AD office via the coaches. If parents do not have a ticket they will not be permitted to attend a contest in Jane Hoover.  Every player will get two tickets for contests inside Jane Hoover. There will be marks in the bleachers in Jane Hoover and circles around the field where people are permitted to stand.  A total of 86 people can fit in the bleachers so the rest will have to stand or sit on lawn chairs.  

For away games, the host school will determine how many fans are permitted from the visiting team.  The number will vary based on the size and location of the facility.  As the AD from the host school gives us that information we will post it on our website.

Senior nights can take place!  The senior can still only have two people, but the ceremony can happen before a game.  All parties involved in the ceremony must wear masks.  The only time the mask can be removed is for an individual picture, and that picture must take place more than 6 feet from all other people involved.  The soccer staff are reviewing our games and plan to have to post senior night soon.

We have a season! Let us all remember that doing what is expected of all of us is what makes this happen. We can do this!!! For questions please email Coach Sostack at Go Bears!!!