Senior High pics available via Shutterfly


Looking for some photos of your son in action!!! We have a Shutterfly site that is loaded with pictures! Here is the link:

Steps required if you don’t have a shutterfly account:

1) Open a Shutterly account if they do not already have one. They are free. Go to the Shutterfly site ( and follow “sign-up instructions.” 

2) Once you have an account you can click on the link above

3) That will take you to a page that says you are not a member of the “Elizabethtown Boys Soccer – Photo Sharing” group. To become a member you need to click on the red “ASK” button at the bottom of that page to request access. That sends a message to Mrs Rutherford who then approves requests for access.

4) Once approved you will be able to access the photos

Thanks Mr. McKenzie for your assistance and photos