Nook Futsal Registration Complete

Happy New Year everyone. We have registered all three teams. Below are the final team rosters. Please remember that each player must fill out the online waiver form before the first game. As soon as we get the schedule, we will post it here.

There was some confusion with a fourth team started by the Senior class and two players went to that team. This means the math calculations are now not accurate. The difference amounts to $7 per player. As I have already given you the total, I don’t feel it’s right to charge you more for our error. However, if you have the ability or would like to help so I don’t eat this all myself as a volunteer coach, it would be greatly appreciated. This could be done at the first game in-person.

The three sophomores; Tavan, Owen, and Davis will be added to the U-19 team. Currently there are only 6 on the roster which is fine, however if multiple players can’t make a game they may need to fill in. It would only be if we could not get 5 players to a game. A player cannot be on two rosters in the same age group but may be on multiple rosters if they are in different age groups. We also had to move a player around because we did not get a payment response from a priorly committed player.

The shirts are ordered and will be handed out at the first game. We are in communication with the Nook to reserve a Futsal court during the week to have a practice/open games. This would be for any age.

Looking forward to a fun season. Happy New Year!!!

U-19 Wolfpack

Dominic Santana

Chaz Mower

Jared Stout

Logan Conrad

Carlton Wise

Mitchell Garber

Tavan Schoenberger

Davis Sheppard

Owen Mower

U-16 Wolverines

Aiden Bradley

Emery Morgan

Zach Hershey

Trevor Nolan

Bennett Kreider

Harman Singh

Declan Lentz

U-16 Wolves

Jason Stark

Davis Sheppard

Tavan Schoenberger

Owen Mower

Hayden Florry

Justin Borger

Zachary Williams

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