Futsal Update from the Nook

Please, everyone must sign the online waiver before the will be allowed to play tonight.

Please instruct all players/parents to use the 75 Champ Blvd. entrance when arriving at the facility. All traffic should be entering using this address every week for the futsal league. The 75 champ Blvd. entrance is located next to the off ramp of Rt. 283 West. After entering from this road, you may park in lot 6 behind the dome or pull around to the parking lots in the front of the building. Please see the attached Traffic Flow Map for more reference. Anyone who chooses to enter in the Spooky Nook Rd. entrance will experience significant delays in their arrival and have an overall unpleasant experience.

At this time have uploaded the full league schedule into Tourney Machine online. Please use the link below for the 2021 Youth Futsal League. Once again, please note that your team may have a bye or a doubleheader in any given week. We do try to keep this to a minimum, but need to do so occasionally to keep the schedule balanced and honor as many scheduling requests as possible. Each team will have 8 games in their season, including playoff scenarios. Some divisions will be determined by standings, some by playoff (depending on the number of teams).

Schedule Link: https://tourneymachine.com/R84568.

Again, we are doing everything we can to accommodate schedule requests. Because of the large number of coaches with multiple teams in the league this year, there may be gaps between coaching. We cannot always guarantee that we can schedule separate games, so please be sure to have an assistant coach ready to step in for each of your teams. If you see any errors for the week 2 schedule please let me know as soon as possible.


Once again, all traffic should be entering the facility using 75 Champ Blvd. We will be charging for parking Friday night, so please ensure that a coach or team manager checks in at the league table to receive their team’s parking passes. Please distribute these parking passes to all team parents tonight. These passes are good for the entirety of the league and should be brought to the league each week.


Our League check-in table will be in front of the entrance to the blue sport courts as seen on the attached facility map. A coach from each team should report to this table to check in their team before playing their first game. Once again, all players will need to have an online waiver completed prior to playing.

Waiver link: https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/587e655bb37ba/web/

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