Bucknell Team Camp – July 15-18 – Email interest

We received confirmation that Dave Brandt, new head coach at Bucknell, is offering a team camp from July 15th – 18th, 2022. This overnight camp will feature skill and team development at $480 per player. To help offset the cost we hope to offer each committed player an $80 payment from our Big E Booster account reducing out of pocket to $400. Please email Coach Sostack at james_sostack@etownschools,org RE: TEAM CAMP to reserve a team position – upperclassmen will have priority but if we get enough interest we may request a second team reservation. WE MUST HAVE PLAYER/PARENT RESPONSES BY FEBRUARY 21st to assess if this camp will work for us. Last year we did a commuter camp at a lower cost but the boys wish to attend an overnight. If we don’t receive sufficient interest we will explore other options. If there are financial concerns please email Coach Sostack.

Emphasis On:

1.  Relevant, Real Skills That Every HS Player Can Use:

*First Touch/Ball Speed/Handling Speed/Possession and Penetration On The Ground/Playing Tight Seams/Turning In Tight Seams/Angles/Composure/Timing/Playing Out Of Pressure, and much more….. taught in a high energy, high concentration, positive, and inspirational environment, and supported by multiple per day hands on player demos in front of the whole camp from Coach Brandt.

2.  Inspiring High Energy On Feld Environment 

*Not the typical camp environment where teaching sessions are slower as the week goes on, and something to just “get thru” until it’s time to play the games.  Your teams will be immersed in a purposeful teaching and training environment that sets and maintains a standard of energy, purpose, and will to get better.  This is a camp that will be set apart in this way and in many others, as your players experience an intentional environment constantly pursuing bottom line excellence that will have EVERY chance to impact and bleed into the consciousness of your players and into your seasons in the Fall

3.  An Intentional Leadership and Team Identity/Culture/Values Emphasis That May Impact Your Players and Programs for Life

*Coach Brandt is one of the foremost builders of positive, inspiring, and intentional team cultures in the country, and the above-said is also a big emphasis in this camp experience; a very purposeful and, again, intentional values and identity/mentality oriented agenda aimed at challenging your players ideas of what leadership really is, what it means to create a “brotherhood” in the team, and what it means to pursue what we will call “high standards” in everything they do and in everything your program does.