JH Character Program Launch

Good Morning Team,

As you have heard previously, we want to develop more than just soccer skills with our players. There is a focus on developing real world skills, including leadership, integrity and character. The boys hear me talk about things like not taking shortcuts, pushing hard even when nobody is looking, not cheating in practice/the games/life, being respectful to others, and helping others whenever possible. As a reward for doing these things, we will begin handing out soccer stickers for the boys to put on their soccer binders, similarly to how some colleges hand out stickers for football helmets when the player makes a good play. At the end of the season, we will do a fun raffle for some prizes (tbd on what they will be), and the boys get 1 raffle ticket for every sticker they have collected throughout the season.

First volunteer opportunity: for those that can make it, next Saturday 9/11 at 7:30am, we will meet at ECNS next to the college (777 S. Mt Joy St) to help spread mulch in the playground. They are a non-profit organization and can really use the help. I anticipate it will take less than 2 hours total. If you can make it, please bring gloves/rake/shovel/wheelbarrow/etc for helping to move the mulch as needed. If you do not have any of those items, just bring a positive attitude and help when directed. Parents are welcome to stay and help too!

I hope to see all the JH Boys at this first volunteer event!

Coach Ben

JH – “Remind” App


The Junior High team will be using the app called “Remind”. This app will be used for last minute changes/reminders/alerts vs using Etownsoccer.com as this provides instant alerts vs going into an email.

Please download the Remind app for your phones, and utilize the link below to sign up for our “class” which is titled JH Soccer 2021. I would recommend the kids all join as well if they have cell phones. The communication is all done without sharing any cell numbers or emails, which is why it is preferred by the school. Let me know if you have any questions.

Link: https://www.remind.com/join/hag634h?utm_source=email&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=join_invite

Coach Ben

Red Card Against Cancer Fundraiser Update: Order your shirts!


Elizabethtown boys soccer program continues its proud tradition of fundraising to support cancer research. Our proud sponsors – White Family Dental, Eastern Mobile Wash, DDMP Investment Advisors LLC – have provided financial support to purchase the senior high boys t-shirts. Any additional local businesses that would like to donate and have their company logo on the shirt should contact Coach Sostack at james_sostack@etownschools.org. Each soccer family are encouraged to purchase shirts for their family members to be worn the first week of October!!! Here is the order link for individual t-shirt orders: https://ascsoccercorner.tuosystems.com/stores/rccboystees20


Go Bears!!!