Bucknell Team Camp and Quad Camp Updates

Parents and Players,

I thought you may appreciate an update on the status of both the Quad Camp in late June and Bucknell Team camp in early July.  We are awaiting instructions from PIAA before cancelling any of these training opportunities.

Quad camp that is held at Hempfield High School as a joint training initiative among 4 schools for both Senior and Junior High program – coached by college coaches under the direction of Head Coach Sostack.  We have delayed signing up for this camp until we get a final direction from the school districts.

Bucknell Team Camp:  Parents that have submitted the required paper registration and $100 check deposit for this senior high training camp are instructed to await final PIAA approval.  Coach Sostack has your registration and checks at this time.  We continue to have active conversations with the Bucknell coaching staff who have not cancelled their camp.  They are examining alternative dates in August – Coach Sostack will communicate any date changes to reconfirm your interest and your approval to submit the registration.

Individual training is highly recommended.  Do individualized ball work especially dutch footwork to master one v. one skills.  Start running – fitness is important.  AND start watching soccer as it comes back on TV…learn the formations and the movement of players.  

Contact Coach Sostack with questions:  james_sostack@etownschools.org

Spring Workout: May 4th : Week One

Parents and Players,

It’s time to get fit for the upcoming Fall Season.  Coach Derr, our strength and conditioning coach, has mapped out a six week program.  Don’t forget it important that the boys are working on their individual ball skills (footwork, trapping, etc).  Please take note of the introduction to the fitness program by Coach Derr.

“Having an actual field is great, but not necessary if the players measure things off or at least “eyeball it.”  They can also do the work on some stuff by just running for the time intervals.  Not knowing what condition they are presently in, I would encourage them to push themselves, but also to be sure to pay attention to their bodies.  They may be sleeping more than normal, sitting more than normal or off of their feet more than normal and if they jump right back into things it could cause some aches & pains or some muscle soreness/strains/pulls.  Bottom line, they can alter things as they wish if they need to their level, but they absolutely must be smart” .   Please continue to practice social distancing .  Use the link to download week one fitness program.  

May 4th: Etown Boys Soccer Week 1

We are in this together – keep your social distance to help flatten the curve.

Parents and Players,

There have been numerous local reports that teens are gathering together during this crisis. In order to “flatten the curve” we must ALL keep our social distance from each other.   The Athletic Director has reported that teens are gathering on the turf to play sports- this is not acceptable.  The Boro has removed the rims at the basketball courts in an effort to stop these gatherings.  Etown Boys soccer has a proud tradition of student leadership – PLEASE lead by example and remind friends what is best for everyone.  TOGETHER, old and young alike, we can defeat the virus.  Go Bears!!!

School Closure Soccer Challenge!!!!


Let’s work on those soccer skills (outside).  First challenge is Pele 7 juggling.  If you get 10  in a row send me your name and/or video and I’ll post it!!!  Stay healthy, positive, and build up your soccer skills.   Can you get your name on the Wall of Fame?  Send your name and/or video to james_sostack@etownschools.org when you have completed the challenge!  Remember it must be 10, if you do more then let me know your best count!

Pele 7 Soccer Challenge



Gavin Alvarez

Team Camp Update: Decision Delayed


First and foremost thank you to those players and families that responded to the Bucknell Team Camp.  Due to current circumstances I will be holding the paper registrations and deposit checks until we gain a better understanding of how this crisis unfolds in the near future.  If you have yet to commit to the camp by submitting the registration please email Coach Sostack so he can fully evaluate our team numbers.  Stay healthy and look after your neighbors.  Please remember that the district is discouraging any group gatherings on the campus over the next two weeks.  If you have any concerns or questions please email Coach Sostack at james_sostack@etownschools.org

Remember to Save the Date: Quad and Bucknell Team Camps.


Mark your calendars:


This inexpensive training opportunity provides college coaching coordinated by Coach Sostack.  Each evening the boys will be taught a technical skill and apply it to formation training followed by scrimmage.   Sign ups coming soon.  Training site is Hempfield HS

Bucknell Team Camp:  July 10-13 :  See information on this home page for registration information.  Deadline is March 12th.  

We are currently accepting registrations for team camp.  This camp is primarily for returning varsity players and older boys BUT we have received incredible interest from younger players (upcoming 9th).  If your son is in grades 8-9 and may be interested in a team camp training opportunity please contact Coach Sostack so he can compile a list of younger players for a potential team camp in the region.  Email:  james_sostack@etownschools.org  RE:  Team Camp