JH 8th grade players and parents

As we approach the end of this season I am asking 8th grade players and parents to think about next years school soccer playing opportunities.

Players moving into 9th grade have the option of trying out for the HS team or choosing to play another year of JH. Please take some time as a family to talk about what your sons goals are for next season.

Whatever a player decides, I would be happy to give them an honest evaluation with steps to help them achieve their goals.

Also, thank all of you for filling out all the extra paperwork, driving kids to all the practices and dealing with all the last minute changes. These kids have some great parents!!!!

JH Week schedule

This week we will have practice 5:00-6:30 on Monday and Wednesday.

Tuesday we have an away game vs LS. Be at the field by 3:00 or at the bus by 2:30 wearing white.

Thursday and Friday we have home games vs M Central and M Township. All players must be at East High Field wearing Blue by 3:15.

JH updates

Today we have an away game vs Manheim Central. Please arrive at the field by 3:00 or at the bus by 2:30.

IMPORTANT update…..due to football game traffic tonight the bus will be dropping players off for pickup in front of the HS. (By the Daubert Gym front entrance)

JH game schedule

The LS game previously scheduled for Monday has been moved to Thursday October 22.

So, we will have three games in a row this week. CV away Wednesday, LS home Thursday, and Manheim Central away Friday. Thanks.