Senior High Uniform turn in during Flex on either Nov 2nd or 3rd.

Parents and Players,

Players are to return clean uniforms – all items washed – during flex on either November 2nd or November 3rd depending on their face to face rotation at school. Please keep the socks! During uniform hand in players will be provided with any photos they may have ordered, varsity letters, and a player report that will review strengths and weakness for future individual training goals. NO UNIFORMS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO COACH SOSTACK IN HIS CLASSROOM.

Off season training: We have been instructed that we cannot offer “off season” training sessions due to COVID protocols. We highly encourage players to continue to seek out opportunities offered by club programs to improve their individual skills and tactical movement. We faced some unique challenges this past season but have no desire to repeat it. Hard work and commitment will be required to challenge for section and league titles in the future. Go Bears!!!

COVID update: No Practice Monday. Tuesday game TBD.

Players and Parents,

We will not have Monday practice and our game against Manheim Central is “to be determined”. We will update you tomorrow on the game status and if you will need to pack food for the game as we may have to cancel our team meal order.

As we like to say in England…”fingers crossed” that our game against MC is still a go!!! We have suffered a number of set backs throughout the season but we continue to be confident that the boys demonstrate pride in the program. Heart and soul…an Etown Boys Soccer tradition.

Coach Sostack

Message from Athletic Department:

Due to COVID-19 concerns the high school and middle school will be delivering virtual instruction on Monday, Oct.19 and Tuesday, Oct.20.  All athletic practices on Monday, Oct.19 are canceled.  Competitions scheduled for Oct.19 are postponed.  The JV Football game is canceled.
A decision will be made for athletic events on Tuesday, Oct.20 on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.  No decision has been made at this time regarding athletic events on Tuesday, Oct.20.  No one is permitted on campus Monday for any reason.  At this time please communicate with your athletes and parents.  

Bill Templin M.EdDirector of Athletics & ExtracurricularsElizabethtown Area High School(717) 367-1533 Ext. 21124

Senior High pics available via Shutterfly


Looking for some photos of your son in action!!! We have a Shutterfly site that is loaded with pictures! Here is the link:

Steps required if you don’t have a shutterfly account:

1) Open a Shutterly account if they do not already have one. They are free. Go to the Shutterfly site ( and follow “sign-up instructions.” 

2) Once you have an account you can click on the link above

3) That will take you to a page that says you are not a member of the “Elizabethtown Boys Soccer – Photo Sharing” group. To become a member you need to click on the red “ASK” button at the bottom of that page to request access. That sends a message to Mrs Rutherford who then approves requests for access.

4) Once approved you will be able to access the photos

Thanks Mr. McKenzie for your assistance and photos

Tactical Homework due Monday, 8/24.


As promised by the Varsity coaching staff it is important that you spend individual time understanding the various tactical formations that we may adopt this season. Here is the 4-3-3 formation videos. Ask yourself what two positions will I master this season and what are the movements and expectations of those positions. Coaches will be asking you these questions throughout the week. Don’t forget to watch soccer when you can – Champions League Final today! Spend the 30 minutes watching the following videos. Pause the video when you are unsure of the movement or explanation. These coaches have strong accents so listen carefully.

4-3-3. Good presentation for basic position responsibilities:

4-3-3. Shows a few position movements and moving the ball as a team. And pressuring.

4-3-3. Part 2 of the position movement and how to move the ball as a team. “W-W” movement

Player Protocol updates and reminders


The following are the protocols that must be strictly followed for all trainings.  You must have a mask with you at training.

(1) Sign workout form with temperature taken for every session

(2) Players MUST WEAR MASKS ENTERING AND LEAVING the training facility and when submitting the workout form to the coach.

(3) Players MUST WEAR MASKS when they are not directly training on the field and MUST maintain 6ft social distance in the bench area.

(4) Players are reminded to bring a LARGE water container for hydration during training with their name clearly printed on it.

(5) Highly Recommended:  boys are reminded to take a shower immediately after EVERY training session and change clothing.  Players should be hand washing immediately after exiting the training facility upon entering their transportation.

Let’s keep everyone safe and demonstrate that we can follow district/state/national guidelines TOGETHER so that we can have a Fall Season.  We can do this!!!!