Senior High: 9/16 Away scrimmage v. Cedar Crest HS


We have an away scrimmage against Cedar Crest on September 16th @ 4pm. The Varsity and JV will play at the same time on grass fields. Bus departure time will be 2:30pm. Class dismissal for face to face leaners will be discussed at practice tonight. Wear your grey Etown t-shirt with your white uniform – bring your white uniform shirt as well. Don’t forget to bring YOUR OWN water jug – fill up at home or in the bus lobby. Don’t forget to bring your COVID form if you are coming from home. Ask questions at practice tonight. NOTICE: Practice on Thursday, 9/17, has been changed to 7:30 – 9:00pm. Go Bears!

Spectator Plan for Wednesday, September 16th from Cedar Crest

·        Every E-town soccer player may have two family members attend the scrimmage on our campus.

·        All spectators MUST wear a facial covering on our campus and socially distanced by at least 6 feet and then spectators may choose to remove facial covering.

·        The Scrimmage will begin at 4:00 pm.  Spectators may NOT arrive until 3:30 pm at the earliest.

·        No concession stands will be provided. Bring a chair – no bleachers

·        Do NOT park on grass.

JH alert

Uniform Handout at 4:00 today is canceled!!!! The Athletic Department is handing uniforms to all kids in school today during last period. They will make an announcement alerting all JH boys soccer players.

Please bring your son to East High for regular practice from 5:00-7:00 tonight.

All kids not in school today will get uniforms last period tomorrow.

If your child is all online we will get uniform for them and bring it to practice.

Also, the athletic department doesn’t want us to wear officially uniform for scrimmages. So, please have your son wear a grey shirt to the game a Tuesday. Thank you!!

JH this week: September 14th-18th

Final reminder that uniform handout is Monday 4:00pm at the High school gym. Players are to be dropped off by the tennis courts. Coach Burke will then take everyone inside to distribute uniforms. After handout, players will walk to East High field for practice from 5:00-7:00pm

Tuesday we have home field scrimmage against Donegal. All players must be at the field by 3:00, dressed in Blue uniforms and ready to play. (Players at school will change in locker rooms and walk to the East High field.)

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have normal practice from 5:00-7:00pm

Please remember Covid forms for every event. Thank You!!

Game procedure for spectators: Please read carefully!

Spectators will be permitted at games/scrimmages.   Spectators at all events must wear masks and maintain appropriate physical distance.   Each player is permitted to have 2 parents/guardians at each home game.  If you are playing on a grass field, no tickets will be required, but please understand that each player should only have 2 parents/guardians at their home games.  There will be no bleachers on grass fields, parents can bring chairs, stand, or sit in the grass.  Circles have been painted in the grass as a guide for the required physical distance.  One household is permitted inside each circle. When playing inside Jane Hoover players will receive tickets from the AD office via the coaches. If parents do not have a ticket they will not be permitted to attend a contest in Jane Hoover.  Every player will get two tickets for contests inside Jane Hoover. There will be marks in the bleachers in Jane Hoover and circles around the field where people are permitted to stand.  A total of 86 people can fit in the bleachers so the rest will have to stand or sit on lawn chairs.  

For away games, the host school will determine how many fans are permitted from the visiting team.  The number will vary based on the size and location of the facility.  As the AD from the host school gives us that information we will post it on our website.

Senior nights can take place!  The senior can still only have two people, but the ceremony can happen before a game.  All parties involved in the ceremony must wear masks.  The only time the mask can be removed is for an individual picture, and that picture must take place more than 6 feet from all other people involved.  The soccer staff are reviewing our games and plan to have to post senior night soon.

We have a season! Let us all remember that doing what is expected of all of us is what makes this happen. We can do this!!! For questions please email Coach Sostack at Go Bears!!!

JH uniform pickup and first game.

All JH players will have Uniform pickup Monday September 14th at 4:00. Drop off players behind the school at High School gym entrance. (I will go over the location with players on Friday) After uniform handout players will walk to East High for practice from 5:00-7:00.

Tuesday September 15th is our first game. It is home against Donegal at 4:15. Players going to school that day must take uniforms, water container and anything they need for game to school. They will be sent to locker rooms in shifts to change and then walk over to East High.

Players that are at home that day must report to the East High field at 3:00 ready to play.

The athletic department has approved two spectators per player for home games. You must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Senior High Player Reminders: please read!

We have finalized our two teams for the upcoming Fall.

(1) Freshmen are reminded that they must returned a parent signed “superfrosh” form to Coach Sostack ASAP. This is a PIAA requirement to participate at the senior high level.

(2). A new COVID protocol form was handed out to players and they must return them to us on Thursday.

(3) Thursday Practice: 2:45pm – Boys should wait in the hallway and await instructions from the coaches when to enter the gym/equipment room to collect their uniforms. No waiting in the gym. At 3:30 we will have “chalk talk” to discuss tactical formations and player responsibilities. Players should bring a healthy snack(s) that gives them energy prior to the 5pm practice. Players should plan on being “on campus” from 2:45pm – 7pm.